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Învăţămîntul de partid, instrument de îndoctrinare ideologică / Communist Party education as instrument of ideological indoctrination

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Excerpt The Communist Party schools had double function even from the beginning:
propagandist and indoctrination. Any citizen who wanted a management job in the stat structure, no matter how small it was, any journalist etc needed to follow the party schools, whose purpose was not a good education in different domains but a good preparation to be a communist member, able to claim the political hierarchy. We still do not know how much the Party propaganda cost at least at the
beginning, but we can only presume that all this system used a lot of financial funds: salaries for the teachers, for the workers sent to studies, money for food, accommodation, travelling, books, brochures etc.
Paginaţia 215-245
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXI; anul 2009