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Protocol şi propagandă (ianuarie 1948) / Protocol and propaganda (January 1948)

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Excerpt After the coup d'état on 30th December 1947, by which at Moscow's orders the communists forced the king to abdicate, the new power in the Popular Republic of Romania used propaganda to lay the foundations for the new mentalities characteristic of the communist regime. During the first month after the forced abdication of the king, - January 1948 - , the representatives of the communist regime focused especially on the propaganda and also on the protocol that they instituted. The measures, the undertakings regarding the protocol and the propaganda, as it happened in the case of Gh. Dimitrov's visit in Romania, as well as the stenograms of the Council of Ministers' Presidency from January 1948 are expressions of the new power's affirmation.
Paginaţia 297-304
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXV; anul 2013