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Nichifor Crainic - între acuzaţiile puterii comuniste şi propria sa apărare / Nichifor Crainic – Between the accusations of the communist power and his own defence

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Excerpt A personality of Romanian interwar journalism, Nichifor Crainic "enjoyed" a special attention from the authorities installed by the Soviet Union in Bucharest on the 6th of March 1945, as he represented, in the conception of the Romanian Communist Party, an increased threat to the regime. Nichifor Crainic, whose real name was Ion Dobre, experienced a real
odyssey after the 23rd of August 1944, being submitted, along with all journalists, to the rigors of the law for the cleansing of the press, adopted in February 1945, and also to the provisions of the law no. 312/1945, for the pursuit and sanctioning of those culpable of the country's disaster or of war crimes. His liberation from prison, without any explanation and without being reinstated in his rights, took place 15 years later, on the 24th of April 1962, in concordance with the provisions of the Amnesty Decree no. 283/1962, issued by the State Council of the Popular Republic of Romania. During his last 10 years, he was asked to write for the Romanian communities living in exile and he therefore collaborated with The Homeland's Voice, a publication addressed to exiled Romanians, which was edited with the purpose of being exclusively distributed abroad. Nichifor Crainic's presence in the pages of the magazine as an article author was considered by the authorities a way of arousing the interest of Romanians that had fled the country after the 23rd of April 1944. Ten years after his liberation, more exactly in August 1972, Nichifor
Crainic passed away at Mogoşoaia, being buried in the cemetery "Saint Friday/Parasceva" from Bucharest. Among the priests who officiated the burial service was also Father Ioan Sămărgiţean, who had offered Crainic a last shelter before he got to know the hardship of the concentrationist universe built with a remarkable perseverance by the Communist regime after 23rd August 1944.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXV; anul 2013