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Rarităţi din colecţia de arme a Muzeului Naţional de Istorie a României / Rare weapons from the National History Museum of Romania collection

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Excerpt The National Museum of Romanian History has an important weapon collection, comprising more than two hundred items. Although each of them is a small part of the Romanian history we chose only four to be presented in this article. A particular piece is the sword that belonged to Cloşca (Ion Oargă), one of the rulers of the 1784 mutiny, which took place in Transylvania. From the fire weapon category we chose to describe a revolver that is believed to have belonged to Alexandru Ioan Cuza (1820-1873), Ruler of the Romanian Principalities between 1859-1866. Another interesting sword is the one that was captured by Colonel Grigore Polizu from Edhem Pasa, one of the Ottoman commanders during the Romanian Independence War (1877-1878). At the end of this war the Romanian Army offered to prince Carol a beautiful sword as sign of gratitude for his devotion in battle, a sword which is also described in the article bellow. All these pieces are an important part of the patrimony of the National Museum of Romanian History patrimony, being connected with significant moments of our history.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXV; anul 2013