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Călătoria lui Nicolae Kretzulescu în Egipt decembrie 1868 – martie 1869 / Nicolae Kretzulescu’s voyage to Egypt December 1868 - March 1869

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Excerpt At the beginning of 1869 former prime-minister of Romania Nicolae Kretzulescu and his wife and daughter spent two months in Egypt, during which period they went on a cruise on the Upper Nile at the invitation and at the expense of viceroy Ismail Pasha. This is a biographical fact little known about Nicolae Kretzulescu because the journal he kept between December 1868 and March 1869, Notes prises sur le voyage d’Egypte, which is currently preserved at the National Archives of Romania, has not been published. Worth noting is that Nicolae Kretzulescu’s voyage to Egypt, which is presented in this article, is among the first made by a Romanian to Africa, a continent with which Romanians did not have direct contacts until the middle of the 19th century.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVII; anul 2015