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Calea Griviţei. Perspectives considering its value as cultural resource

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Excerpt Calea Griviţei is one of the oldest streets in Bucharest. It was first know n as the “way to Târgovişte”. Its historical importance is due to the fact that in the middle ages it linked the lower (Bucureşti) and the upper (Târgovişte) capitals of Walachia. After the building of the North Railway Station at the end of the 19th century it became one of the most important roads of our capital. Calea Griviţei was analyzed as cultural resource, at a large scale, of the urban assemblage to that of the urban tissue and at a small scale, that of the buildings. The purpose was to find elements that define its specific, what is valuable and it is still preserved, what, why and how should be preserved, finally, in a further perspective what can constitute future heritage. The present study consists of a short historical study followed by an urban analysis and the cultural values analysis, in order to identify and evaluate the cultural resources related to Calea Griviţei. The road is formed of two distinctive parts: „the old” Calea Griviţei, from Calea Victoriei until the North Railway Station, bordered with historical buildings and „the new” Calea Griviţei, dominated by the railway and Griviţa Workshops. Most probably, as the North Railway Station separates Calea Griviţei in two distinctive parts, the present aspect is due to its construction. The historical buildings from „the old” Calea Griviţei date back to the 19th century, while „the new” is bordered with more recent high buildings. Its heterogeneous aspect, that represents one of its characteristics, is due to the urbanization process and the historical evolution of the surrounded area. Calea Griviţei represents a mark of the urban development on the North- West side of Bucharest, its cultural value being reflected by this matter. Both the “old” and “new” sides of Calea Griviţei preserve the commercial and residential functions, while the area near the North Railway Station have a specific function related with the hotels and cinemas from around. Actually, it can be said that it had such a function because most of the hotels are deserted and some of them even in danger of being demolished, despite the fact that they are housed by historical buildings. Their rehabilitation, both as historical buildings and as function, should be a goal for the local authorities from various points of view, if not cultural at last economic.
Even though it has an important potential from the point of view of the cultural resources, the perspectives concerning the preservation of historical monuments, not only from Calea Griviţei, are somber, at least for present time.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XIX; anul 2007