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Historical and Archaeological Temporary Exhibitions organized by Romanian Regional Museums and their relationships with local communities

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Excerpt After 1989, the national and local museums in Romania have initiated a partial or total process of renewing the message sent via museums and exhibitions. Given t he new status of our country trying to return to a democratic regime, this process contributed to the development of important temporary exhibitions reflecting significant moments in the Romanians history that played a relevant role towards their modernity. The historical - archaeological manifestations organized by the present local communities museums in Romania after 1990 approached a great variety of subjects , highlighting the life and activity of several personalities, other political, economic, social, cultural and military aspects, customs and traditional rituals, and generating a significant reaction locally and nationally. As for the temporary historical manifestations organized locally, after 1990, they have approached aspects regarding the life and activity of local and national personalities and events that have marked the historic evolution of local communities. These exhibitions are represented in the county, municipal and town museums by the existent cultural patrimony, which is also being held by a series of collectors with interests in the field. The second category of temporary exhibition addressed in this work regards the archaeological exhibitions organized by the local communities, which succeeded in reflecting aspects of these entities evolution. The museums are generally obligated to consider the necessity of periodically organizing exhibitions and manifestations meant to inform the interested public about o ther activities performed by specialists from these cultural centres in order to enrich the patrimony with cultural items, archaeological vestiges included, discovered within the museums’ historical-geographical range, and which come to shed light upon local history aspects since oldest times. Presenting and analyzing the dynamics of the historical and archaeological temporary exhibitions, organized in county, municipal and town museums, between 1990 and 2003, one would note a freedom of expression as regards the topics addressed, freedom otherwise normal in a democratic regime, while various aspects about the historic evolution of local communities were also presented. One proof of the dynamics regarding the historical and archaeological temporary exhibitions organized by the local communities, while complying with their issues, also on a national level, is given or needs to be given by transferring on multimedia support everything that was presented during these events, in order to preserve over the years all that was displayed, and to develop a potential history of these exhibitional programs.
It is of most importance to point out the purpose of these temporary exhibitions. They all intended to preserve and to remind the public of several aspects regarding the life and activity of local personalities, who distinguished themselves nationally; to present historical events essential for the historic development on many level of the local inhabitants, regardless of the ethnicity, locally and nationally, and to display representative customs, traditions and folk clothing dating from different periods of time in the rural communities, significantly relevant for the Romanian majority population and national minorities, thus, bringing an important contribution to the enrichment of Romania’s cultural patrimony
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XIX; anul 2007