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Evoluţia administrativ-teritorială a judeţului Ilfov. Studiu de cartografie comparată.The territorial – administrative evolution of the Ilfov County. A study of comparative cartography

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Excerpt The studies of comparative cartography complete the work of researchers by highlighting the modifications of a certain region in a period of time. In this way, new
relations are made among the historical and modern maps, but also among maps and documents (articles about the researched area, statistical information etc.).
From the territorial-administrative point of view, the Ilfov County underwent many modifications throughout time. A set of maps from the end of the 19th century and another one from the beginning of the 20th century were analyzed in order to follow more easily the county
structure: the set of maps known as “Charta României Meridionale”, the set known as “Planurile Directoare de Tragere” and a series of maps from the cartographic archive of the National History Museum of Romania. The cartographical documents were digitized and georeferenced in order to be integrated into a GIS. Also, they were compared to the texts from the following dictionaries: Marele dicţionar geografic al României alcătuit şi prelucrat după dicţionarele parţiale pe judeţe (vol. I-V), 1898 – 1902, Dicţionarul topografic şi statistic al României, 1872, Enciclopedie română, 1930.
Based on methods related to historical cartography and GIS, the study tries to track the territorial – administrative evolution of the Ilfov County on a period of 150 years (1864 –
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVII; anul 2015