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Restaurarea unui vas dacic din fier unicat

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Excerpt This article intends to bring to the attention of the public, whether specialized or not, an exceptional artefact manufactured by the artisans of the Dacian civilization from the area of the Orăştie Mountains. After stabilizing the corrosion products, the greatest challenge was to recompose the original shape of the vessel’s walls. The lacunae wew filled with fast cure epoxy resins and, in order to closely supervise the process, synthetic materials such as silicon were used for casting moulds. A total of 1080 ml resin was used, which in the end led to a change in the weight of the object. As estimated, 95% of the vessel’s surface was reconstituted, which was ascertained once the restoration was completed. Some of the lacunae were left unfilled to show the inevitable plastic deformations suffered by such a vessel due to usage, aging and the time spent underground.
At present, this vessel is the only one of its type exhibited in a Romanian museum – the Museum of the Dacian and Roman Civilization in Deva, its de facto owner. Other similar vessels are found in the collections of two museums in Cluj, but they have not yet been valorized neither in scientific publications, nor in exhibitions.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXIX; anul 2017
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