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Pasul către modernitate: moda în timpul Marelui Război

Limba de redactare română (rezumat în engleză)
Excerpt The Great War was a turning point in social life and a major factor in changing fashion. The belligerent actions, the war economy and the hardships (the requisition and rationalization of raw materials), the patriotic propaganda and women's more active lifestyle - all these brought dramatic changes in the way people dressed. Military uniforms have permanently influenced civilian outfits. The need for comfort created light and sporty styles, less formal, for both men and women. Women actively participated in the war effort, by working in the economy, agriculture, industry, taking the place of the male workers who went to fight. They also worked as volunteer nurses and created organizations that helped to organize the logistics behind the front. This accelerated the process of women's emancipation and led to courageous changes in fashion: shortening skirts, the practical tailored suit (for males), abandoning the stiff corset. A new, more natural silhouette became fashionable along with a new beauty ideal. Some women even adopted pants and short hair. This feminine, sober and practical attire, with military stiles and dark colors, was invigorated by a variety of hats with fancy and modern design. The complex phenomenon, fashion during World War I, presents for the first time the modern principles of clothes: functionality, freedom of movement and design.
Paginaţia 177-220
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXXI; anul 2019