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Note privind legislaţia protejării patrimoniului cultural mobil din România, în perioada 1946-1989 / Notes concerning the movable cultural heritage legislation in Romania (1946-1989)

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Excerpt The paper presents the milestones of the legislation on movable cultural heritage protection, as it was issued in Romania, during a period of time lasting from the end of the second World War, until the anticommunlst revolution, as well as the conceptions which nourished it. Two of the important pieces of this legislation are studied thoroughly: the Law 803/1946 and the Law 63/1974. The author concludes that none of these two laws, as well as the other Romanian laws concerning movable cultural heritage protection and museums, dated in this century, was neither entirely applied, nor efficiently used, in spite of the good willing of the professionals who did their best to use them
Paginaţia 289-305
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XI; anul 1999