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Ford Motor Company in Romania

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Excerpt Ford Motor Company in Romania studies the history of Ford Motor Company in Romania from its beginning in early twentieth century to nowadays. Ford Motor Company transformed Romanians’ perception about the United States. Royal Garage imported Ford cars as early as 1911. Despite several attempts, Ford Motor Company made its entrance on Romanian market only in 1931. On May 15, 1936 the assembly plant opened. As elsewhere in Europe, Ford Motor Company is representative for American consumerism. It redefined industrial labor relations, production techniques, and it offered an alternative model in Romania. Based on archival studies in Romania and the United States, this essay explains, through the example of Ford Motor Company in Romania, how consumerism of American manufactured goods became important in interwar Romania and contributed to the creation of new cultural practices linked to modernization.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXII; anul 2010