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Un proces de răsunet la început de secol. Doi înalţi ierarhi în faţa justiţiei laice / A famous trial at the beginning of the century. Two high clergymen brought to secular justice

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Excerpt Exactly one century ago, two subjects were all over the front page of newspapers for quite a while. Through the nature of the accusations and the impact on the population, they became two real scandals with direct repercussions on the evolution of political life and not only. One of them, which was then called „The Affair of the Trams”, caused the fall of the Conservative government led by P. P. Carp. The other is the conflict within the Church, whose protagonists were Gherasim Safirin, bishop of the city of Roman and the metropolitan bishop Atanasie Mironescu.
Paginaţia 183-195
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXIV; anul 2012
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