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Despre bijuteriile şi rochiile reginei Maria / About the jewellery and the dresses of the Queen Mary

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt Queen Mary was a famous beauty. Being proud of the admiration that she
was provoking around her, she was always interested in her exterior look. Wishing to render her beauty valuable as much as possible, Mary intended
to create her own style fashion. She ordered her dressings at the great fashion designers from that time: Redfern, Poiret, Patout, Channel - in Paris but also at the Rath fashion from Bucharest. But Queen Mary had a true passion for the pompous jewelry. Her collection gathered until the First World War, deposited in Moscow, was under distraint by the Bolsheviks together with Romanian’s treasure. From 1920, after her mother death, she inherits fabulous jewelry and she buys other from Grand Duchess Vladimir. It remains very well known the Cartier diadem with sapphires and diamonds, that has the shape of a cock, bought from the duchess Vladimir.
Paginaţia 265-276
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XX; anul 2008