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Inedite mărturii de arhivă privind reprimarea politică a presei româneşti la începutul anului 1946 / Unedited archival evidences on the political repression of the romanian press at the beginning of the year 1946

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The repression against Romanian journalists started in February 1945, when a law on the political cleaning of print media journalists was enacted. This law was based on the Armistice Convention signed in Moscow on September 12, 1944 by Romania and its allies. Print media cleaning was based on law no. 102 on press cleaning,
published in the “Official Journal” no. 34 from February 12, 1945. This law was the theoretical tool for implementing the political cleaning of
print media institutions. After August 23, 1944, this institution tried – by its representatives and within the limits imposed by the internal and external political environment, otherwise extremely tensed – to regain its democratic status, meant to objectively inform the public opinion by excluding, as far as possible, any political interference. The political repression on print media was made possible with the help of
governmental bodies controlled by the Communist Party (the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice through the People’s Court, the National Propaganda Ministry), resulting in the removal of those journalists who didn’t observe the ruler’s official policy, therefore being subject to severe consequences, life imprisonment included.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVI; anul 2014