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„Dezgheţul” lui N. Hruşciov şi problema Basarabiei / Hrusciov’s de-Stalinization and the issue of Bessarabia

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Excerpt The studies of Romanian – Russian – Bessarabian relations are significant in number in recent years and have started including Romanian historians from Moldavia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. One such example is the study of Gheorghe E. Cojocaru, director of the History Institute of the Moldavian Science Academy in Chisinau who wrote about the period of de-Stalinization and how it fits in the Bessarabia equation. His direct access to primary sources has allowed him to draw a series of conclusions such as the fact that the Romanian – Russian link was paramount to the way that Bessarabia was governed and the periods of full censorship alternated with the ones of ease in relations to those of relations between the Russian and Romanian counterparts. Also, it argues that the period of Hrusciov’s de-Stalinization was a favorable time for Bessarabia when the Romanian elites were formed that would manifest themselves in 90s.
Paginaţia 351-354
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVI; anul 2014