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Consideraţii asupra politicii antiotomane promovate de domnul ţării româneşti Alexandru Aldea între 1431-1432 / Considerations on the anti-ottoman policy promoted by Alexander Aldea, prince of Wallachia between 1431-1432

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Excerpt Having ascended the throne of Wallachia with the support of the Hungarian King Sigismund of Luxembourg and benefiting form the support of the Prince of Moldavia, Alexander the Good, Alexander Aldea involved Wallachia in the anti-Ottoman battle. For redeeming Wallachia and for breaking the block of Christian forces from the Danube, sultan Murâd II undertook two military campaigns: the first one in the summer of 1431 and the second one in the first half of 1432. The Ottoman action from the summer of 1431 was repelled by Alexander Aldea, but after the campaign in 1432 he was forced to subdue to the Ottoman Empire. Despite his intentions to resume the anti-Ottoman battle, he remained subdued to the Turks until the end of his reign (Theodora Mărculeţ).
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXV; anul 2013