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Aspecte ale relaţiilor româno-americane în perioada primului război mondial (191-1918) / Aspects of Romanian-American relations during the First World War (1916 - 1918)

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Excerpt The desire to achieve an independent and unitary state led Romania into taking part in the First World War, our country closing the political alliance with Triple Alliance - England, France and Russia. The Alliance signed a Treaty with Romania on 4th of August 1916, to which was also added a military agreement. Closing this treaty can be considered as a success of our diplomacy. During 1917-1918 Romanian American relations thieved. The victories obtained by the Romanian army conduced to Americans changing their opinion about our country. USA’s participation in the war on Triple Alliance’s side had a real impact on Romanian population settled in that country: 5000 Romanian emigrants enrolled in the American army and went to the France battlefield. On 6th of November 1918, The United States’ Government issued a declaration in which it promised Romania support at the Peace Conference, support to acquire political and territorial rights.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXI; anul 2009