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Les "Theses de Juillet" et les musees d'historie / The „July Theses” and the History Museums

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Excerpt The “July Theses” mark the beginning of the “re-stalinization” of Romanian culture. The connections with the Western cultural models and methods were broken and the whole cultural activity had to be guided by the realities of Socialist Romania. Ceauşescu put an end to the liberalizing trends of the 60`s and created the appropriate context for the development of a personality cult. History Museums were the easiest way of becoming acquainted with, being aware of and appreciating the past. But, for the Communists they became very effective tools of propaganda, distortion and falsification of history. So, they were directly affected by these new regulations. The negative influence of the “July Theses” was felt in full by History Museums which, at the end of the communist era, had lost their purpose and identity.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXIV; anul 2012
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