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Cu privire la boierii din oraşul de Floci în secolele XVI-XVII / About the "boyari" (landlords) from Oraşul de Floci

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Excerpt We know a little about the différents social class of Oraşul de Floci in documentary sources. We try to show how two representative of clergy from this town obtained the high places at the princely office. At the time of prince Mihai Viteazul (1594-1601) thanks to goods inherited, the pope Ivan from Blagodeşti would come to in the middle of gentry. Also, we can't know if the archpriest Neagoslav from Oraşul de Floci, who accompanied the family of Mihai Viteazul at Braşov has family ties with pope Ivan or even with the prince's family.
Paginaţia 27-32
Descarcă fişierul
Titlul volumului de apariție
  • Muzeul Naţional; XII; anul 2000