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Partidele muncitoreşti în lupta pentru apărarea independenţei şi suveranităţii naţionale / The Labour Parties Fighting for the Defence of the National Independence and Sovereignity

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Excerpt The paper points out the antifascism, as basic feature of the working-class mouvement in Romania and, in the same time, as the base of the rapprochements and of the interferential points between the Communist Party, the Social-Democrat Party and the Socialist-Unitarist Party.
On remarks the part of the Romanian Communist Party as principal organizer and leader of the struggle to defence the rights and liberties, to save the national independence and territorial integrity of Romania, more threatened in the jorties of XX century by the pretentions of the revisionist and fascist states, encouraged by aggressive policy of Hitlerite Germany.
In the same time, the paper concerns more extent for part and place of the Socialist-Unitarist Party in the struggle of the democratic, patriotic and revolutionary forces led by the Romanian Communist Party in 1934—1940 years for the guarantee of the existence, of the independence of Romania.
Also, are '/put in the circulation some conclusions of the preoccupations to study the activity of the Socialist-Unitarist Party. The paper emphasizes the conception of this party regarding the strategy and tactic ,of organization of the struggle against the peril of fascism and war, for the defence of the basic interests of the country.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; V; anul 1981