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Tribunalul poporului - instrument al justiţiei proletare - / The people` s court - An instrument of popular justice

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt On 23rd of August 1944, Romania changed its options regarding the war joining the Allies' forces. On 12th of September 1944 Romania signed a Truce Convention where the 14th article stipulated the cooperation whit the High Allies' s Commandment for arresting and judging all the individuals accused of war crimes. Starting from this article, the new government from Bucharest modified the entire existing legislation, adopting new special laws regarding the punishment of war criminals and sanctions against the crimes committed against the allies' military forces. Especially for that a People's Court was created in 1945 but the effect our authorities expected wasn't met.
Paginaţia 425-443
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XV; anul 2003