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Despre documentele expuse la Muzeul de Istorie al R.S.R.. O discuţie în cadrul Comitetului Execitiv al C-C- al P.C.R. / About documents exhibited at History Museum of Socialist Republic of Romania.

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The opening of History Museum of R.S.R was seen like a very important event by the Romanian Communist Party, who paid a lot of attention of all the organization details. An example of it is the meeting of the C.C. of P.C.R from 26 April 1972. Here the communists debated some documents that should have been exhibit in the museum. In the additional act was written “there are countries where our history is modified, where there are giving misinterpretations of some political acts from Romanian history, which are in contradiction with the historical facts and documents. That is why in the history museum must be exhibited only documents and maps that show our history just the way it was”. The state blamed for changing the Romanian history was the Soviet Union. Soon we can see that the discussions will pass the border of a simple conversation about maps and documents, getting to the delicate problems of the Romanian- Russian political relations.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXI; anul 2009