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Concepţia Partidului Comunist cu privire la locul şi rolul naţiunii în epoca contemporană / The conception of the Romanian Communist Party regarding the place and the role of the nation in the contemporary epoch

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Excerpt Social-historical phenomena extend over periods where they widely focus attention, both on the plane of theory and on that of practical activity. Such a period is also characterized now by the phenomenon of nation.
It is significant that issues relative to the nation have acquired a peculiar topicalness, as international relationships — between states, countries and peoples — increase and widen to an as yet unknown degree. It is precisely in a world where the exchange of material and cultural values is intensiefied, where interdependences increase, that nation now powerfully asserts itself as a type of human community and that principles resulting from the existence of nation make their way, aiming at a broader recognition within the framework of international relations : independence and sovereignty, equal rights, non-interference with internal affairs, cooperation based on mutual interest and advantage.
Paginaţia 491-493
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  • Muzeul Naţional; VI; anul 1982