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Criza din Comisia de Stat a Planificării / The crisis from the State Commission of Planning

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Excerpt In this article we present some facts about the State Commission of Planning, a body with a major role in the coordination of the economy in the new regime of popular democracy. Born in 2nd July 1948, the decree No 119 from 2nd July 1945 and the regulation of functioning of the Commission from 27th July 1948 created the institutional frame for its activity. Gh. Gheorghiu-Dej, the first president of the Commission resigned on 23rd April 1949, being replaced by Miron Constantinescu. The latter, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Comity of Romanian Working Party, had a rather tensioned mandate. The lack of experience in planning had an important role, together with some conflicts personal. Based on primary archive documents, we tried to show the problems that
the new institution confronted with. Beside the attack against the president of S.C.P., there were indeed some mal functions generated by the shortage of the qualified personnel and the relationships between S.C.P. and other institutions, respectively the ministers.
Three documents were cited: a letter from 12th April 1950 written by P.
Năvodaru, director of The Central Institute of Statistic, and addressed to Al. Moghioroş, member of the Political Bureau, stenograph of the meeting with the major members of S.C.P., from 7th May 1950; a letter by Miron Constantinescu for the communist leader Gh. Gheorghiu-Dej (7th July 1950). All these are connected, because the first one generated the other two. The principal subject of the invoked documents is Miron Constantinescu and his personal manner of work, characterized as “unsuitable”. It was considered that the State Plan for 1950 and the First Five Years Plan were endangered. The accusing persons (P. Năvodaru, S. Zeiger) gave specific examples in order to convince the decisional organism, respectively the Party, of the inefficiency of the S.C.P. president.
“The crisis” from SCP will be solved with the purge of the people which accused Miron Constantinescu.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XIX; anul 2007