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Scurtă incursiune în istoria cetăţilor Ţaratului Asăneştilor (1185-1280)

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Excerpt The defence strategy of fortresses represented for the Vlacho-Bulgarians a means of practicing and developing some tactical features such as: the use of landscape advantages, the camouflage of targets of maximum risk and strategic importance, the consolidation of defence and siege techniques by using various battle machines, all being methods which determined and guaranteed military success. In the “Bulgarian Mountains”, where the inaccessible areas allowed the building of fortresses, the Vlacho-Bulgarians developed their defence strategy with the help of numerous fortresses built on steep rocks, as proven by the fortifications in Tarnovo, Cherven, Lovech, Preslav, Shumen, Asenovgrad.
The rise of the insurgents against the Byzantines in 1185 was precisely based on the fortresses erected on mountain peaks, inherited from the First Bulgarian Empire or the Byzantine Empire, and on the control of mountain paths, all of which constituted from the very beginning advantages that the rebels exploited to the full in their fight to conquer the independence of the region they inhabited. In this study we are going to try to make a short presentation of the most important fortresses of the Asen Dynasty, beginning with those on the Danube limes and the Black Sea shore, continuing with those in the Haemus and Rhodope Mountains, and ending with those in historical Macedonia.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXIX; anul 2017
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