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Scrisori către mama. Contribuţii la genealogia familiei Bengescu

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Excerpt The Bengescu family was one of the major boyar families of Wallachia during the Middle Ages and the Modern Epoch. The National History Museum of Romania has recently purchased three 19th century letters (two from 1859 and one from 1861) addressed by one of its representatives, Elena Bengescu, married Sadovski, to her mother, Marghioala Bengescu, who returned to her maiden name after both her divorces. Following the transliteration of the three letters from the Cyrillic into the Latin alphabet, this article brings forth some biographical data about Marghioala Bengescu and her daughter which adds to or revises what is already known about them.
Paginaţia 59-69
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXIX; anul 2017
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